Visiting the Library

An extensive selection of books and videos are available for check-out by Portland Bead Society Members. At present the library is in the process of being catalogued and entered into LibraryThing. The books are being stored at a member's private home. As soon as we are up and running the members will be able to order and check out books online.

PBS Library Lending Rules & Regulations

Check-Out Procedure

  • Members must present their current PBS Membership ID card.
  • Maximum # of books, magazines, or videos allowed to be checked out is 5 total, including a maximum of 2 videos/DVDs per checkout.* Due Date = 1 month maximum
  • PBS Members - Please make sure you leave with a list/printout of your checkout items and DUE DATE. Leave a (second) copy of the checkout list in the PBS library binder.
  • Renewals - Items may be renewed for a maximum of 1 additional month but must be brought back to the library for re-check out.
  • *Items marked “REFERENCE ONLY” are not available for checkout; they can only be read in the store.

Check-In Procedure

Will be updated when the library is completely catalogued.

Overdue Books & Videos

  • All items are considered OVERDUE when they are past 1 month from the initial check-out date. Pay overdue fees at library (or send check payable to PBS) and be sure to notify Librarian so you are not held liable.
  • Fines will be assessed for overdue items: For every two full weeks, an additional $1 per book and $2 per videotape will be charged.
  • A list of overdue and lost titles with member names will be included in the PBS newsletter.
  • All items will be considered LOST when they are past 3 months from initial check-out date. The retail cost of replacement will be assessed to the PBS member. If items are no longer available, the current retail value of the item will be owed.