Visiting the Library

An extensive selection of books and videos are available for check-out by Portland Bead Society Members.*  Visit our library at:


Dava Bead & Trade
2121 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232
Ph. 503-288-3991

Mon - Fri 10-6 pm
Sat 10-5pm
Sun 11-5pm

PBS Membership Card required to check out items. 

To contact Pamela Jensen, the PBS Librarian, click the button to fill out and submit the form.

PBS Library Lending Rules & Regulations

Check-Out Procedure

  • Members must present their current PBS Membership ID card. Dava Bead staff will verify the back of the card for member’s signature indicating agreement with library policy.
  • Maximum # of books, magazines, or videos allowed to be checked out is 5 total, including a maximum of 2 videos/DVDs per checkout.* Due Date = 1 month maximum
  • PBS Members - Please make sure you leave with a list/printout of your checkout items and DUE DATE. Leave a (second) copy of the checkout list in the PBS library binder.
  • Renewals - Items may be renewed for a maximum of 1 additional month but must be brought back to the library for re-check out.
  • *Items marked “REFERENCE ONLY” are not available for checkout; they can only be read in the store.

Check-In Procedure

PBS Members - Notify Dava Bead staff you have library items to return, obtain the library binder, and keys to unlock the cabinets. Sign and date each item returned on the Checkout form. Return the books, videos, and the DVDs to the designated "Return" area on the marked bookshelf.  Please lock both cabinets when finished and return the keys (and library binder) to the Dava staff. 

Overdue Books & Videos

  • All items are considered OVERDUE when they are past 1 month from the initial check-out date. Pay overdue fees at library (or send check payable to PBS) and be sure to notify Librarian so you are not held liable.
  • Fines will be assessed for overdue items: For every two full weeks, an additional $1 per book and $2 per videotape will be charged.
  • A list of overdue and lost titles with member names will be included in the PBS newsletter.
  • All items will be considered LOST when they are past 3 months from initial check-out date. The retail cost of replacement will be assessed to the PBS member. If items are no longer available, the current retail value of the item will be owed.