December - No Meeting

November - Annual Potluck & Holiday Party

October - Richard Paille

Richard spoke about the various kinds of opals found in the US and around the world. He showed excerpts from his opal documentary “Fire Down Under, The Hunt for the Australian Opal”. He explained how opals are mined, described how they are valued and showed examples of his 18kt opal jewelry. He presented a multimedia presentation to showcase October’s birthstone….a favorite gem of his and the only gem that is able to display all the colors of the rainbow!
Richard began his jewelry career in 1970 specializing in estate jewelry repair. He became a gemologist, published a newsletter, & attended gem shows. He began to travel internationally filming several jewelry related documentaries. In 2008 he converted his home studio into a teaching facility and in 2012 started Paige Tools. Visit Richard at www.RichardPailleJewelry.com

September - Jayashree Paramesh (Designer and Owner Nchantme.com)

“My Approach to Design: How my cultural heritage, background in apparel design and love for the arts influence and inspire my beaded jewelry”.

As a child growing up in India, colorful clothing, henna on my hands, very ornate gold and silver jewelry, and food made with a complex combination of spices were an integral part of my life. My mother taught me to sew, embroider, crochet, and make colorful flower garlands at a very young age. Later on at Parsons, The New School for Design, New York, I enjoyed designing with traditional Asian patterns and materials. For the first time, I was introduced to Western and European designs in apparel and jewelry. Simply put, I loved that too!

As I design my beaded jewelry, I use elements from my cultural heritage and what is currently in fashion. My inspiration comes from traditional swirling paisleys of henna designs, and what is being shown on the fashion runways in New York, Paris, and Italy to mention a few.

I would like to share with all of you how I use my inspiration from various sources and create beaded jewelry that appeals to a variety of people.

August - No Meeting


June - Potluck & chair sale

May - 2014 3X2 redux show

Four members of the Redux Show Committee presented the artistic work that appeared in the Show: Laura Bowker, Sarah Gascoigne, Micki Lippe and Cynthia Toops.  It featured collaborative work done between 39 Pacific Northwest glass makers and 39 Washington jewelers. Each team produced 2-3 pieces of jewelry.  The work was exhibited in April at Facere in Seattle, in June at Fisherton Mill in England, and later in the year at the Contemporary Craft Museum in Portland. Several of the artists presented images of the work along with stories of collaboration at the PBS General meeting.

April - Joyce Scott

Joyce J. Scott has been called the "Queen of Beadwork, a sculptress, a weaver, and a writer/performance artist. She has performed solo and also as one of the Thunder Thighs Revue. She attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Instituto Allende in Mexico. Descended from several generations of quilters and craft artists, Scott's work is informed by her world view of equality and inclusion. Her intricate beadwork addresses social justice issues such as sexism, racial and class struggles, and genocide. In 2000, The Baltimore Museum of Art presented her 30-year retrospective and "White Light/White Heat", a collateral show of the Venice Bienale.

March - Laura McCabe

The creative process is organic and dynamic. It is also often beyond the control of the one doing the creating. The ebb and flow only starts to become clear in retrospection. In the lecture, accompanied by a slide show encompassing 20 years of beadwork, Laura provided a little hindsight as to the creative process that chose her.

Laura McCabe is a primarily self-taught beadweaver with an education in historical costume reproduction and restoration, and anthropology. She produces elaborately beaded body adornment that combines Native American, African Zulu, and Victorian beadweaving techniques with modern materials and color schemes. She exhibits her work in national and international beadwork exhibitions, and sells her finished work at boutiques and galleries throughout the United States, as well as through her website: www.lauramccabejewelry.com. She maintains a working studio in Mystic, Connecticut, and teaches beading workshops across the US and throughout the world.

February - David Chatt