Portland Bead Society Advertising Protocol for Classes

Purpose: The Portland Bead Society promotes access to beading classes in its media; website http://www.portlandbeadsociety.org/, newsletter and the PBS Facebook page, which is open to anyone.  These will include free advertising for

·         classes taught by members at PBS member-owned bead stores (stores owned by PBS members), and any other locations,

·         classes at member-owned bead stores taught by non-PBS members,

·         classes sponsored by the PBS, taught by PBS members at any location,

·         classes sponsored by the PBS taught by visiting speaker artists 

The goal is to help member-owned bead stores get the word out, help all beaders find classes, provide a variety of class levels, while not competing with bead store classes.  A secondary goal is to encourage membership by bead store owners and beading teachers.

Definition: The term “beading class” is meant to be widely inclusive; bead stringing, bead weaving, polymer clay work, lamp work and other glass manipulation methods to create items with holes in them, metal or wire work, shibori ribbon, embroidery with beads, felting with beads, kumihimo with or without beads, creating findings, chain, etc. Basically anything that could then be used with beads or as a bead to create art or jewelry.  If there is a question, the administrator of the advertising media or the president of the PBS can be contacted. 

Methods Available for Advertising:


1.    The website will offer a link for member teachers to fill out an class information form and provide photos of their class no matter where it is taught (other than on-line).  The member’s class can also simultaneously be listed by a member-owned bead store on a link to the store from the PBS website.

2.    The website will offer a link to any member owned bead store which will connect to their website/facebook page or other online resource that lists their classes.  The store will provide the proper link and maintain their own listings on their own sites.  Those classes may or may not be taught by PBS members, but all are encouraged to join the PBS and thus take advantage of the double listing capability, and ability to list for additional class locations.


The PBS Newsletter will offer a regular column which lists member teachers by name (with Contact Info, followed by date, title of classes, and location for the next two months, (June NL would include through August).  List could be by teacher last name, and classes by date. If no classes are submitted by teachers for a particular newsletter, a note that no classes were submitted will be under the heading, and reader can go to the PBS website and member bead store websites for possible more information.

It will be the responsibility of the teacher to get the info in proper format to the Newsletter Publisher before or NO later than the deadline on Page 2 of the newsletter. If they are late, then it can be updated/resubmitted for the following newsletter deadline. Location could be anywhere except on-line, including elsewhere than the Portland Metro Area.  Seattle member teachers would also be able to do this.

The column will also list member-owned bead stores with a link to their class website. 

We will kick it off with an article describing the policy that will be repeated each September as a reminder. 

PBS Facebook Page:

1.    Posting as an Event by Portland Bead Society individual members. This means that they are members of the Portland Bead Society, not the PBS Facebook page, but the organization itself.  Postings for classes not taught by PBS members will be deleted.

Using same information as is in the PBS Website form, PBS member teachers can create a Facebook Event containing the following information.  All information that does not have a spot in the Event Facebook pop up form can be placed in the Description section.

Class Title

Instructor Name




Class Description:

Class Location

Instructor Bio (optional)

Phone or email for contacting (teachers, or bead store’s or whoever is taking registration)

The member can make a single posting for each class, as often as the class is taught. Classes posted can be up to two months before the class.  Any postings that do not follow the approved process or have content not consistent with beading related classes will be removed by an administrator who will also notify the person posting.

2.    Postings by Portland Bead Society member-owned bead stores.

Classes can be posted as individual events or as a list of classes for the next one to two months.  If posting multiple classes as an event, can post a description of “various” with a link to their website or facebook class listing/descriptions.  For instance:  Title: January 2019-February 2019 classes taught at Village Beads.  If bead store does not have a website, they can list classes as individual events. 

Bead stores can post once a month for classes for the following two months.

Listed on the page will be upcoming classes that will be sponsored by the Portland Bead Society along with classes that have been taught in the past.  Click the link below to be taken to the page.

Classes sponsored by Portland Bead Society

If you are a current PBS member and teach a class, contact the webmaster with a list of classes you will be teaching and where they will be taught. Use the form available by clicking the link below.  We will not list store classes as a whole, but will list classes for individual teachers who are members.

Submit your class.

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