October General Meeting
Melanie Potter


Melanie Potter is an artist/designer teaching unique off-loom seed bead jewelry designs. She is to be aMaster Teacher at the Bead and Button Show 2016.Melanie is also a graphic artist and she professionally illustrates and lays out all her instructions. She was named Designer of the Year 2010 for Beadwork magazine. She also presents Beads on the Vine, a yearly beading experience offered on the California central coast See more about Melanie at www.melaniepotter.com. Her talk will be about the habits she uses in creating symmetry between the demands of creating new design work with her beads while devoting time to her family and friends. She will emphasis her commitment to “meat and potatoes” activities such as exercise and the invaluable habit of cultivating “margin” in her schedule for spontaneous moments. Join Melanie in this presentation that is relevant to cultivating creativity that feels natural to you.

Traveling Library Display 2015

2015 Traveling library Display

"It's a Northwest Thing"

What does the Northern Spotten Owl, Christmas trees, tidepools, Paul Bunyan, and VooDoo Doughnuts all have in common?  Well, of course, they are a "Northwest Thing." Beautiful beadwork by our very own Portland Bead Society members is currently on display in the Portland-Vancouver area. For more information, visit the Traveling Library Display page.


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