General Meeting January 22, 2019

ATTENTION – Very important change in venue for January’s General Meeting.

Due to the earthquake retrofitting on the Auditorium at M.A.C. we will be holding our General Meeting in the Gym.  This is located behind the main area of the school. So please do ask at the front desk for directions. I will try to put up signage that evening. The Early Bird Beading will still be in its regular classroom.

Volunteers! We Love You!!

This is your special month/meeting.  All your 2018 volunteer hours have been calculated and now is the time to celebrate and be recognized. Make sure to attend to receive your gift.

 Our General meeting for January will also have an inclusive panel discussion on role diversity.  What is that you might ask?  PBS has diverse members that add to the overall culture of our society. We will be exploring together how that diversity will be expanded in 2019. Bring your suggestions and connections. We want to hear from everyone.  Let’s design a new future!

Ending the meeting in fun there will be a charming Make & Take project provided by the PBS President, Mary Gobet, to bring a ray of sunshine in the darkest part of winter.

To do the Make & Take please bring:

Bead Mat

Needle & white thread of choice


Battery powered lighting. (there aren’t outlets in the Gym)

 It will be wonderful to see all your smiling faces.



Rummage in your garage, workroom, studio and closets.

We are looking for items for a monthly raffle. Proceeds will go toward the monthly meeting. They can be bead, craft, house, or just cool stuff related.

MONTHLY RAFFLE, BRING CASH. Tickets will be $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.

General Meetings are held at Multnomah Art Center, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219. For more information and directions go to Meetings.

PlaceS to be & Things to Do

January 2019

√ - PBS Represented

January 3: Portland Art Museum Free Day

January 13: Bourbon & Bacon Fest – OMSI

January 22: PBS General Meeting – Volunteer Appreciation, Panel Discussion & Make n Take project

January 24-February 3: Fertile Ground Festival – 11 days of new theater/arts/music performances.

January 26-27: Model Train Show – Portland Expo center


Incorporating Other Species by Jill Gandolfi

Incorporating Other Species by Jill Gandolfi

This year our challenge had the theme - "Out There...Extraterrestrials and Other Beings". Go have a look at what some of our members did - the schedule is here and you can see pictures of the artwork.

Margaret Scovil Challenge 2018

Here's a group photo of the contestants for this year's PBS Bead Retreat challenge.

Margaret Scoville Challenge 2018 Contestants

pbs RETREAT 2017

Just a few pix from last year's Portland Bead Society Bead Retreat at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Gathering in the lobby

Gathering in the lobby


Calling PBS members!


As many of you are aware, we will be hosting Bead Bazaar Plus at the Double Tree Marriott near the Lloyd Center Mall this October 12 and 13, 2019.  We are in need of Bazaar Committee members that can input and assist in organizing the event for this year.

Do you have any experience with event organization? How about with designing table set up for an event with vendors? Formatting an application with vendors to include table fees and return policies? We need your expertise in planning the event this year.

YOU are a vital part of Portland Bead Society! YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

Please send an mail to:

Thank you!

Darlene and Gwen


Please see the new policy/protocol on how the PBS is promoting beading classes in our media.  We developed it to encourage more beading classes.  A regular question people ask is “where can I find beading classes”.  We have members who teach and bead stores that are owned by PBS members who host and promote classes in beading.  The more classes the better!  If you used to teach, here is a way to easily get the word out and teach again.  If you are new to teaching, go for it, with these tools for advertising! This protocol is also found on this website at at, the Portland Bead Society Facebook Page and the January 2019 Newsletter .  

 Selling on the PBS Facebook page.

Long needed and long awaited, PBS now has a policy on what things are ok to post. It was created to help people understand that the PBS Facebook page is not a place to promote their own work/products/business.  Why? You may ask.  Because it IS a place to post your jewelry or bead related creations as “bragging rights”, discuss all things beads, share techniques, and connect with this wonderful beading community!  There are lots of other venues for selling.  We hope this will avoid confusion and encourage folks to post without confusion that their post might be considered advertising.  And hopefully, it will keep people from complaining that something “looks like” advertising.


If you are an eligible member of the society and would like to apply for a spot at our annual bead retreat, (we are now full but accepting applications for the waitlist) then go to the Bead Retreat page and follow the links.


The winner is David Horste of DVHdesigns for his rectangular shaped, side drilled beads made of Oregon Picture Jasper.

Winning bead by David Horste

Winning bead by David Horste



Please take a moment to go to the Portland Bead Society webpage at and update your preferences on how you wish to receive our newsletter. Also, take a moment to update any other membership information, especially email address. To do this:

  1. Go the the website and click on the "Join" tab
  2. Click on the drop-down item from that tab called "Update Member Information"
  3. Read that page. It will tell you to click on the black "Apply or Update Now" button.
  4. When that form opens, click on the top choice of "Update Contact Information" and then proceed to fill out the form. Please note that fields with an asterisk are required in order for you to submit the form.
  5. Select "Yes" on the part where it asks you whether you would like to receive the Newsletter electronically.
That will update your newsletter preference.