June 17 General Meeting - Annual Potluck & Chair Sale

Join us on June 17 for our Annual Potluck and Chair Sale!  The fun begins at 6:30pm.  Please bring a dish or some other scrumptious treat to share along with a serving utensil!  Don't forget to put your name on your dish and utensil so it can be returned to you after the meeting.

For the "chair" sale, you can use either the chairs provided by the Multnomah Arts Center for the meeting or you can bring in a TV Tray (or card table), but the dimensions can be no larger than 3' X 3'.  Vendors are allowed 1 chair or 1 tray (or table) per member due to space limitations. The round tables can't be used for selling wares because they are reserved for the potluck.

See you there!