September 22 General Meeting
dewayne & Alise lundmark

Geodes And Thundereggs 

DeWayne Lundmark is a transplant from Connecticut who has lived in Oregon for about 25 years. He is a remodeling contractor by trade and also owns a business with his wife, Alise, called The 3rd Rock, where they sell mineral and fossil specimens from all over the world and crack geodes from different localities. They live in the foothills of the coast range in Gaston, Oregon, where they have a small farm and raise both chickens and turkeys. They also have three German Shepherds, five cats and rescue exotic birds that need homes; they are currently caring for 18 parrots.

The talk will be about geodes and thundereggs - their formation and a little bit about differences between them.  He will discuss where they are found and some of the mineral formations that can be found inside geodes. There will be a variety of opened geodes to view as well as a variety of unopened geodes that members may purchase to open themselves with the infamous geode cracker!

MAC Location Change for this meeting only!

Because the MAC is renovating the auditorium, they have put us into the Dance Studio with a chair/speaker sound set up and screen.  There is plenty of room.   To find the dance studio, come in the front door, turn right, pass the artistic display room/cases, turn at first possible right, and go to the end of the hall.  It is there.  This hall is just outside of the left or east side of the audutorium wall.

Traveling Library Display 2015

2015 Traveling library Display

"It's a Northwest Thing"

What does the Northern Spotten Owl, Christmas trees, tidepools, Paul Bunyan, and VooDoo Doughnuts all have in common?  Well, of course, they are a "Northwest Thing." Beautiful beadwork by our very own Portland Bead Society members is currently on display in the Portland-Vancouver area. For more information, visit the Traveling Library Display page.


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