We offer grants to organizations and individuals for research or work on projects that will benefit the goals of the Portland Bead Society regarding the study of and dissemination of knowledge about beads and beading. Such grants are approved by a vote of attending members annually at the March General Meeting.  Applications for grants must be received by the PBS Grants Coordinator by January 31 of the year of the proposed grant.

Education Awards

PBS also offers individual scholarship awards to PBS members as a reimbursement for class costs up to the given amount set each year.  Qualifying classes are related to beads arts, and are generally provided at bead shows, bead stores or by visiting speakers.  Locations are often local, but do not have to be.  The deadline for receipt by the Education Awards Coordinator of applications for education awards is due November 30 of the current year.

Please click the button below to fill out the form for more information and to request an application for either the grant or the education award: