PORTLAND BEAD SOCIETY is celebrating its 30th year in 2018. To commemorate this milestone, we are holding a contest to create a limited edition 30th Anniversary bead.

Our yearly Bead Bazaar will be held Nov. 4-5, 2017 where the contest submissions will be displayed for PBS member voting. The winning Bead will be announced at our November 28 General Meeting.

We requested bead artists of all media to design and enter a bead that will capture the spirit of this long-standing guild. The winning artist will be the exclusive seller of this bead and will commit to making a limited edition of no more than 50 beads. Quantity will be based on orders placed by January. 22, 2018.

As not all members are able to go to the Bead Bazaar we have set up a poll so you can vote. Please fill in the form below, choose the bead you like the best, and hit SUBMIT. Your vote will not be counted if you don't fill in all the fields. There are 4 options to choose from.


  • A seed-beaded bead with pearl accent in the center that can morph between two shapes: a pinwheel or a flower depending on whether the arms/petals are flat or raised.
  • 2-1/2” x 2-1/2”x 3/4” (flat) or 1”x 1”x 1.25” (folded)
  • Inspiration: Purple and White color combination is inspired by the colors in the PBS logo; Pearls are the traditional gift/symbol for 30 year Anniversary

Available as a kit (make yourself) for $25.00 or as a completed, finished bead for $45.00



  • A mixed media bead using polymer clay, inks, paint, and fiber wire
  • A polymer clay bird adorned with a stamped heart sits atop a handspun fiber and wire nest, which rests upon a textured and hand painted polymer branch,which settled on a hand painted polymer blue/purple ombre egg with “PBS 30th 2017” written on it. All polymer has been sealed.
  • 50mmx40mm with 2mm top loop
  • Inspiration: Portland’s bird theme: “Put a bird on it” and PBS color: purple. “Let’s all flock together!”

Price: $25.00



  • A large outer bead printed on a 3-D printer with Pla+ filament, contains inside a pearl, a beaded bead of crystals and a 3-D printed round bead
  • 55mmx24mm with 2mm end holes
  • Inspiration: the pearl represents the stone for PBS’ 30th anniversary & also PBS beach retreats, the beaded crystal bead represents PBS and the 3-D printed round bead with “30” imprinted on it for the anniversary year

Available in Black or Purple outer beads, contents are the same in both colorways.

Price $35.00




  • A bead of Oregon Picture Jasper from Eastern Oregon. Hand cut, shaped and polished.
  • Due to the uniqueness of the natural material, bead size and pattern will vary as you can see in the 3 beads shown.
  • The bead has a soft, matte finish and has a 2.5mm side drill hole.
  • Size will vary: approx. 36mmx22mmx10mm – 41mmx22mmx12mm.
  • Inspired by the natural beauty of the stone native to our beautiful state of Oregon.

Price: $35.00


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