Bead Bazaar Vendor Application

Important Dates


Bazaar Dates: November 1 & 2, 2014
Application Deadline: August 15, 2014

Eligibility Requirement: Current Membership in good standing

Call:  503-224-4037


Bead Bazaar Vendor Application Form

This application including Terms & Conditions must be submitted and payment received before the application deadline.  Vendors sharing space MUST submit separate applications. Please print a copy for yourself prior to hitting submit.

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Terms & Conditions
These Terms & Conditions and the above application constitute your contract with the Portland Bead Society. Violations of any of these conditions will be seen as a breach of contract. Please carefully read the following, check where indicated, and return with a check(s) or online payment as soon as possible. Please keep a copy for yourself. To participate in any PBS sponsored event, you must be a member in good standing with dues current for the six month period prior to the event’s application deadline. If the Bazaar is not full by July 16th, 2013, the event will be opened to other vendors at PBS’s discretion. *
1. We are proud of our show and want to maintain our professional standards. Please take care with your merchandise display. Cover tables on all sides, preferably to the floor, with extra supplies stored out of sight. You may have upright displays on your tabletop. You may have a working table behind your selling space for your packaging and sale’s needs. 2. The Portland Fire Marshal requires fire-retardant table coverings for all tables. 3. We are a retail-only show, as stated in all our advertising. “Bulk discounts” or “show specials” are acceptable, but not wholesale pricing. Please represent your merchandise truthfully and with clearly marked prices. 4. PBS operates for the year on the 10% commission you pay us based on your total sales. No commission is owed if your total sales are less than $100. We will disqualify vendors for misreporting their sales and underpaying commissions. We may reward the highest commissions with location and/or extra table considerations for the following year, space permitting. We may drop lowest-reporting vendors for PBS’s benefit. 5. You may not sell or share your table space without prior PBS approval. Vendors sharing tables must submit separate applications. Violation of this condition excludes all involved from the next year’s show. 6. Vendors may sell any “bead-related items” except for species protected by law including but not limited to: e.g. ivory, tortoise shell. 7. Tables are assigned with priority given to vendors with seniority in the Bazaar. We do consider prior year’s reported sales. Multi-table assignments are made on the basis of longevity of membership, sales history, and PBS needs. 8. Electricity: Vendors may use up to 400W per table. Vendors need to bring lamps, bulbs, extension cords, and gaffers’ tape (NO DUCT TAPE) to secure cords to the floor. 9. I will keep PBS advised of any changes to home address and/or email address. 10. I agree to observe the PBS Code of Conduct (read at dealing with other vendors, buyers and volunteers. 11. Cancellations must be received by October 4, 2013. Refunds (less a $20.00 accounting fee) will be made only if we are able to fill your table(s) space. Cancellations made by direct phone contact to: Karen Carr 503-224-4037.

Table Fee Payment


Once you have completed the above Bead Bazaar Vendor Application, complete your application using one of these payment options.

Online Payment
Conveniently complete your application online by selecting your Table Type and making your payment online.

Mail-in Payment
Bead Bazaar
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