Gula by …?

Gula by …?

This is Gula, from the planet of Tri-Chroica, in the Right Angle galaxy.

Gula is a young adult female, and an excellent representative of her species.

When she’s not out partying with her friends, Gula is studying to be a hair stylist. She is particularly proud of her new jeweled up-do.

Tri-Chroican women typically have multiple births.

Their clawed feet are an adaptation to the grain soil of their planet, and are good for digging up tasty tubers. They also come in handy for raking in overactive toddlers when one’s hands (and teats) are occupied.

These friendly folks unfortunately must share their world with a few nasty beasts that can prey on their young, so the extra set of eyes help those young ones make it to adulthood.

Gula is build on a wire frame, covered with plaster tape, paper clay, batting, felt and ultrasuede fabric. Right angle weave, netting, peyote and bead embroidery are the main stitches used.