Georgie by Mary Gobet

As a 9 year old girl I had a re-occurring dream. I would climb down from my bed, walk over to the electrical outlet and shrink down to open the outlet like a door and go through the wires to another door. That opened to a room entirely in pink. Pink bed, Pink vanity, Pink carpet. Everything pink including all the clothes in the closet. There was another door off that room that went to a Blue room and another room that was all yellow. . . .green. . . purple. . you get the idea. I could change my clothes to match the room.

As my challenge piece I made a chameleon that changes to match his room. His name is Georgie after the singer Boy George of "Karma Chameleon" fame. Georgie has a wire armature inside with wool stuffing. He was made with bead embroidery, peyote and CRAW. There are heat sensitive cabochons on his body that change color from green to a bright blue when warm. I mounted Georgie on a headband made to look like a branch. there is even a fly on the end of the branch for Georgie to eat. Eventually this will become a part of a Rainforest costume to be worn at one of my many eclectic events.

Untitled by Mary Gobet

Untitled by Mary Gobet

You would be angry too if someone blocked your view!

Marvin the Martian is ready to irradiate the earth with the Illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator. Because Earth is blocking his view of Venus.

There was supposed to be an Earth shattering kaboom?
Where is the KABOOM?

Hair barrette purposefully curved for 3D effect. Ultrasuede base and backing. Enameled charm, approximately 4 hours building time.