Calling all Bead Makers!

PORTLAND BEAD SOCIETY will be celebrating its 30th year in 2018. To commemorate this milestone, we are holding a contest to create a limited edition 30th Anniversary bead.

Our yearly Bead Bazaar will be held Nov. 4-5, 2017 where the contest submissions will be displayed for PBS member voting. The winning Bead will be announced at our November 28 General Meeting.

We are requesting bead artists of all media to design and enter a bead that will capture the spirit of this long-standing guild. The winning artist will be the exclusive seller of this bead and will commit to making a limited edition of no more than 50 beads. Quantity will be based on orders placed by January. 22, 2018.

Some possible inspiration points: 30 years, Portland, Beads, purple & white, NW. Bead entries do NOT require that any of these points be explicitly shown on the bead. It may be as beautiful, striking, colorful, humorous, whimsical and/or emblematic as you choose. Put your creative juices to work! As long as the bead has a hole that allows it to be attached, the design can be of any medium: glass, stone, metal, wood, fiber, PMC, clay, polymer, beads, wire, paper, etc.

The commemorative beads will be made in a limited edition of no more than 50. Beads do not need to show “PBS”, “30” or any identifying markers, but must be an exclusive bead for sale only as this limited edition.  The number of beads you will produce will be determined by the number of them sold, but will not exceed 50.  Use your imagination and bead making skills to produce a lovely, fun, humorous or "whatever strikes your fancy" bead to commemorate our 30th anniversary!

How to Enter:

▪ Find the entry form in the PBS Newsletter or on the PBS Website (see below).
▪ There is a limit of 20 entries. The first 20 to be received will be included in the Bead Challenge.
▪ Send a email/jpeg image of your entry along with the entry form to the project manager: Susan Borts
(susan.borts@gmail.com), by September 30, 2017.
▪ Send the actual prototype bead to Susan Borts by October 16, 2017 for display at the Bead Bazaar
Nov 4-5, 2017. Non-winning entries will be shipped back to the artists - fully insured - by 12/01/17.
▪ Entrants must provide specific written information about their Bead, as noted on the entry form. The
completed entry form must be included in the original submission. This information will be published
along with the image of the bead in the PBS October newsletter for electronic voting by PBS
▪ The competition is open to artists of any media including members of guilds in the
Oregon/Washington area, such as but not limited to: Glassmakers Guild, Polymer Clay Guild,
Woodworker’s Guild, Oregon Potters Guild, Portland Handweavers Guild, etc. All works must be
original and designed specifically for sale as the PBS 30th Anniversary Bead only.
▪ The winner of the competition will receive exclusive sales of the PBS 30 th year commemorative
bead, and free advertising in the PBS newsletter and website for 1 year. The image of the winning
bead may also be used in PBS marketing materials with acknowledgment of the artist.