Kathy Ross

Kathy Ross


Mixed Media Sculpture by Kathy Ross

Quite a bit of leeway in that Mixed Media Sculpture category. The chaos and magic of the Mix. Like tossing and dressing a salad of found objects…Since first attacking a bar of soap with a nail file at age 18, I’ve been fascinated by sculptural processes and materials. Cloth. Paper. Bronze. Wax. Ceramic. Installations. Large and small. All through it, an over-the-top relentless energy and detail. But also— attention to secret places, inside places.

Ive been a self-employed artist full time since 1978. Continually and purposely dissecting out income needs from heart/art explorations. Now after all these years, I find that my email newsletters and a couple of good art festivals (like Art in the Pearl)  give me a yearly income and a lot of freedom. So my resume has gotten pretty simple. My whole lifestyle is pretty simple, if eccentric. The day by day meanderings through my own art maze, however, grow ever more obsessive and complex. And somehow more peaceful too.

Presentation info May 22

What do these things have in common? Micro-beads. Coasters. Hummingbird feeders. Ten kinds of glue. Spray-foam insulation. Conversations with trees. Sheet aluminum. Six kinds of wire. A hundred broken brooches. A bar of soap. Plastic dogs and cats. Four kinds of tape. Ultrasuede. Doll eyes. Cooky tins.

What kind of animal feeds on these things?**

And how can these things be used to beat back commercial pressures, self-doubts, and the judgements and rigidity of the mainstream art world.

**( Hint: It’s a reclusive feral eccentric forest dwelling art-obsessed female mammal)



Rummage in your garage, workroom, studio and closets.

We are looking for items for a monthly raffle. Proceeds will go toward the monthly meeting. They can be bead, craft, house, or just cool stuff related.

MONTHLY RAFFLE, BRING CASH. Tickets will be $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.

General Meetings are held at Multnomah Art Center, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219. For more information and directions go to Meetings.


Judy Walker Workshops - June 22, 23, 24, 2018

 Judy Walker

Judy Walker

We are excited to be hosting three days of classes with Judy Walker, June 22, 23 & 24. She is a wonderful instructor with a great sense of humor! She has taught across the US, and at Bead & Button for many years. She and her husband published her book, “The Beaded Sphere”, which opened a whole new world of dimensional beadwork to seed beaders. Beginning and advanced beaders will benefit from her classes. Come join the fun!

More information and application forms.

Margaret Scoville Challenge 2018

Here's a group photo of the contestants for this year's PBS Bead Retreat challenge.

Margaret Scoville Challenge 2018 Contestants

pbs RETREAT 2017

Just a few pix from last year's Portland Bead Society Bead Retreat at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

 Gathering in the lobby

Gathering in the lobby


Fran Stone, PBS’s first president from 1988-1990, and mother of former member Marcie Stone passed away peacefully in mid-March.  She was a wonderful mentor and coach to other beaders, and will be missed by all who knew her.  PBS will feature some of Fran’s work and photos of her in the memorial display cabinet at the GOTG.

 Francine Lesser Stone

Francine Lesser Stone

We put together a few photos in her memory.


Our annual Bead Bazaar is gearing up for October 2018. Read more about the Bazaar and to apply for a vendor's table or PBS member's co-op table go to Bead Bazaar 2018.


The winner is David Horste of DVHdesigns for his rectangular shaped, side drilled beads made of Oregon Picture Jasper.

 Winning bead by David Horste

Winning bead by David Horste



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