TUESDAY, JAN. 23RD, 2018


Judy Walker will describe how she became a bead
artist, won major contests, wrote and self-published
a book.

Her book, “The Beaded Sphere and Variations”
offers outstanding inspiration. She has also designed
a great loom that eliminates the need to
wave in warp threads.

She has taught at Bead Expo in Santa Fe and the
Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. Her work has
appeared in numerous competitions and magazines.
Judy lives in Aumsville, Oregon, where her husband
Richard provides encouragement and support,
and her many cats create havoc and chaos
as she beads.

In this presentation, Judy promises some bad jokes
and pictures of many fine cats as along with many
pictures of beadwork. Judy especially looks forward
to seeing what beads you will be wearing!

General Meetings are held at Multnomah Art Center, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219. For more information and directions go to Meetings.



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Margaret Scoville Challenge Art

We have many accomplished artists amongst our membership. Their skills are highlighted with the Margaret Scoville Challenge. Go see what they've made.

Dragon by Merle Sherman

Dragon by Merle Sherman


The votes are in and we have a winner!

Thank you to those who submitted their beads
for consideration. We were fortunate to have a
creative and varied selection on which to vote.

Four submissions for the PBS 30th Anniversary
Commemorative Bead were received and voted on by members at the November Bead Bazaar and on- line. The votes have been tallied and certified by our auditor. The voting was very close with only 6 votes separating 1st and 3rd place!

The winner is David Horste of DVHdesigns for his rectangular shaped, side drilled beads made of Oregon Picture Jasper.

Keep your eye out for more information in the new year on how to purchase one of these beads from DVHdesigns.

Susan Borts,

Anniversary Bead Project Manager

Winning bead by David Horste

Winning bead by David Horste

pbs RETREAT 2017

Just a few pix from this year's Portland Bead Society Bead Retreat at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Gathering in the lobby

Gathering in the lobby



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